March 18, 2004

Paramurd of Deval

His mother was a seer and her grandmother a Fey. His father was a brutal lord who gladly served Corwin. He was raised in a dark castle during the reign of the witch-king. His father had little use ofr a son whose fey heritage made him lithe and frail, but gifted with the Sight. He hated and abused the child. Fortunately, he made an enemy of Duke Ganelon and was slain while Paramurd was still a lad. Corwin then took Paramurd's mother as his own and brought her and the child to Castle Avalon. The demon lord soon tired of his mistress devoting attention to young Paramurd and ordered the boy back to his family estate. There, the Fey came to him an raised him.

Paramurd's mother was returned to her family some short years later. Corwin had grown tired of her and only noticed her when it pleased him to abuse her. When he grew bored with that and other depredations no longer pleased him, it amused him to send her broken and mad to her son. Paramurd and his kin swore revenge.

When he was of thirteen years, a Fey known as the Lady in the Mountain had Paramurd brought to her. She kept him in her kingdom for ten years and trained him to slay the witch-king and claim the throne of Avalon. Paramurd emerged with a golden bow in hand and an unseen Fey court at his side.

Paramurd claimed the leadership of his father's house Deval and entered Corwin's court. There, he encountered Pendruic the Blessed and Prince Justin of Brightwood as well as the beautiful Lady Siofra, the treacherous Sir Agravaine, and the evil Duke Ganelon. Paramurd became friends with Prince Justin and Pendruic the Blessed. When Pendruic was murdered by Corwin, Paramurd and Prince Justin left Castle Avalon and openly rebelled against the witch-king.

Paramurd led the war against the demon lord. He made alliance with Renard the Red who he charged to laying siege to Castle Avalon. Some say he made peace with the Witch of Wolf Woods and had her sorecerous aid in the battle. Paramurd and his brave and noble allies personally confronted Corwin and his most evil and loyal knights in the throne room of Castle Avalon. When the battle was done, Corwin was no more. Some say Paramurd's Fey allies imprisoned the witch-king. Some claim the Witch of Wolf Wood banished him to hell. Some say Sir Agravaine betrayed him. It is said that as Corwin fell he pronounced a terrible curse that has laid a doom upon the Land. "The King is the Land and the Land is the King and Avalon shall have no King save Corwin. No other King shall rule Avalon wisely, well, or long. All who would be King shall be betrayed and see their works fall into Shadow."

With the end of Corwin's reign, Paramurd became High-King of Avalon. He ruled for only a brief time before he was betrayed and slain as Corwin prophesized. Some claim he did not truly die, but is merely sleeping within the Fey realm of the Lady in the Mountain. After his defeat, the witch-king was never more seen in Avalon.

(Thanks to Doug Graham of ACN 2001's "The Witch-King of Avalon")

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Pendruic the Blessed

Pendruic the Blessed was the youngest prince of Anistyr, fabled sorcerous kingdom of the distant West. It is a land of legend and magic and chivalry. Pendruic came to the court of the demon lord Corwin near the end of Corwin's reign. The dark shadow of Corwin's power had reached even Anistyr and Pendruic had been sent to stand against the darkness.

While in Corwin's court, Pendruic met Lady Siofra, Prince Justin of Brightwood, and Paramurd of Deval. He is said to have grown to love the beautiful but troubled Lady Siofra. Bards sing still of their tragic love. Some believe it was his love of Lady Siofra that led to his death.

Pendruic soon challenged Corwin. The two fought an epic battle much told in song and tale. Though Pendruic was stout of heart and a brave and noble warrior, he was no match for the power and base treachery of the witch-king. Using the blackest magic, Corwin slew the gallant prince of Anistyr.

Many say it was the murder of Pendruic that brought about Corwin's doom. With Pendruic;s death, Prince Justin and Paramurd of Deval left castle Avalon and openly rebelled against Corwin. Some short time after Pendruic's death, Lady Siofra too was dead by Corwin's blade. After Corwin's defeat, Prince Pendruic was honoured by the victorious rebels as a great hero.

Some say Pendruic's body was placed on a ship that was sent into the West and his home of Anistyr. Some say he was buried with Lady Siofra. Some say the two spirits still walk the halls of Castle Avalon.

Since the death of Pendruic the Blessed, Anistyr has had no further contact with Avalon.

(Thanks to Matt Andrews of ACN 2001's "The Witch-King of Avalon")

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The Field of Thorns

Beneath Castle Avalon, a great field stretches to the River of the Blessed. Once this field had another name, now it is known as the Field of Thorns.

During the reign of the witch-king, a bandit lord known as Renard the Red led an band of outlaw woodsmen. The outlaws would strike from the woods and attack Corwin's knights and other dark servants. They were heroes to the people and thus had to be destroyed. Corwin sent many knights after them, but none succeeded. though many claimed to have killed Renard, the bandit always returned to trouble Corwin and his minions another time. Some claimed Renard was Fey. Some say he was a sorcerer. Some say he was in league with the Witch of Wolf Wood.

When open rebellion broke out against Corwin, Renard led his men out unto the field before Castle Avalon and laid siege. Corwin commanded his second in command, the evil Duke Ganelon to ride out in battle with Renard. The vile duke slew Renard and unmasked him as Jack Hailey, a man thought to have been a simple warrior serving the bandit lord. With the death of their leader, Renard's men would quickly have been routed had fate not intervened. A great forest of huge razor-sharp thorns burst from the ground and filled the field. Ganelon's men were engulfed by the thorns and Renard's men were able to flee. Some say the Field of Thorns was created by the will of the Witch of Wolf Woods. Some even claim that the dead rose that day and carried out the siege of Castle Avalon.

The Field of Thorns still hungrily waits below Castle Avalon.

(Thanks to Sol Foster and Sarah Bear of ACN 2001's "The Witch-King of Avalon")

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The Green Witch

Once, there was a beautiful and expansive land of forests and meadows known as the Brightwood. The hereditary lords of the land ruled it wisely and protected all who dwelled therein. Their castle was known as Brightkeep.

During the reign of the witch-king Corwin, the lords of Brightkeep fell out of favor with the court. For they were noble and brave and honourable and so had no place in Corwin's court. The Brightwood itself grew darker and wilder as beats unchecked by Corwin's knights made their way into the forest.

Some years before the end of Corwin's reign, the Green Witch came to Brightwood. None know her name or from whence she came. Some claim she was Corwin's sister. Some his lover. Some his daughter. Whatever her origins, she was as beautiful as she was cunning and powerful. She seduced Prince Justin and through him, the land. Fell Beasts claimed the forest as their own. The survivors fled to the shelter of the Brightkeep. The Green Witch then went to Brightkeep and placed a curse of eternal sleep on all within the castle. Only Prince Justin escaped her spell. He fled the Brightkeep taking Silvermoon, the great axe of his family with him. The Green Witch claimed the Brightkeep as her own and transformed it into her own dark tower. The land became as black and twisted as her magic and came to be known as the Blackwoods.

Prince Justin arrived at the Court of Corwin seeking allies against the evil witch who had stolen his kingdom. instead, he found that Corwin's court was peopled by villains. The Prince fled Castle Avalon and rebelled against Corwin's reign.

After the fall of Corwin, Prince Justin returned to the Blackwoods. With the aid of stalwart and true allies, he drove the Green Witch from the Brightkeep and reclaimed his kingdom. The land became once more green and pleasant and is once more the Brightwoods. Now, it is but a tiny land with an aged lord striving to keep the darkness from its borders, but unable to do more than protect itself.

The fate of the Green Witch is unknown. Though it is said Prince Justin slew her with Silvermoon, a beautiful and deadly witch in green has been seen throughout the realm.

(Thanks to Jim Smith of ACN 2001's "The Witch-King of Avalon)

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Lady Siofra

During the last days of the demon lord Corwin's reign, it is said that the Fey sent an envoy to the court of Avalon. That envoy was Lady Siofra, a woman of Fey heritage and surpassing beauty and artistic talent. She entered Castle Avalon and set about painting portraits of Corwin's court.

To meet Lady Siofra was to be enchanted by her beauty, charm, and art. It is said that Pendruic the Blessed, Prince of legendary Anistyr, was one who fell for the Fey lady. Another was Corwin himself. Some claim Corwin slew Pendruic in a fit of rage and jealousy brought on by Pendruic's chivalrous and chaste attentions to the Lady Siofra. Many bards sing of the doomed love between Lady Siofra and Pendruic the Blessed. With Pendruic's death, Corwin claimed Lady Siofra as his own.

None know how the Lady Siofra died. It is known only that she perished shortly before Corwin's fall and died o nthe end of Corwin's blade. Some claim she took her own life unable to live without Pendruic and unwilling to live as Corwin's mistress. Some claim the Witch of Wolf Woods killed her to spite Corwin. Some claim she killed herself to save Corwin from a spell placed on her by the Witch. Others say Corwin killed her himself. Perhaps to protect himself. Perhaps because he was tired of her. It is said her spirit still walks the Land and the halls of Castle Avalon.

Lady Siofra's paintings of Corwin's court survive to this day. There have been many attempts to destroy them. The paintings always return to their proper places seemingly unharmed.

(Thanks to Jill Pritts and Matt Andrews of ACN 2001's "The Witch-King of Avalon")

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The Faerie Courts

The Fey have long held great power in Avalon. In days of old, the lords and ladies of the Land paid homage to the Fey and it was they who anointed the reign of the High King. This changed when the demon lord Corwin came to Avalon and slew the High King and his family. He drove the Fey from the land with his terrible blade which they greatly feared. Some claim that Corwin was allied with the Unseelie Winter Court.

For three centuries the power of the Fey was diminished in Avalon. Corwin's power blocked their return. Still, the Fey sent champions to Avalon to prepare for their return. One was said to be the Lady Siofra. Another Paramurd of Deval who briefly reigned as High King when Corwin at last was destroyed.

In Corwin's absence, the Fey have returned to Avalon. Now, the Fey walk the Land and do as they will. Since Corwin's fall, the Unseelie Winter Court has held greater power over the Land than the Seelie Summer Court.

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The Witch of Wolf Woods

Near the southern border of Avalon lies a dark and haunted forest the common folk call Wolf Woods. Somewhere in the dark heart of the forest is the tower of the Witch of Wolf Woods.

None know for certain from whence the Witch came. It is known that she claimed the forest as her own shortly after the demon lord Corwin crowned himself High King of Avalon.

Some say the Witch was the daughter of the old High King. Corwin slew him and his son and heir. It was long rumored that the princess escaped. The witch king's knights are said to have searched the realm entire for the girl but never found her. Other bards claim the Witch is Corwin's sister. Some says his exiled lover. Some claim both sister and lover. Some wise women claim a triple goddess reigns in Wolf Woods. They speak of a Maiden, beautiful and fair who opposed Corwin's knights through cunning and force of arms. They speak of a Mother who commands the dead and dances on graves. They speak of the Crone, the Witch of Wolf Woods, who commands all the evils of the forest and eats fat babies.

This much is known to be true. Corwin reigned three centuries before his fall. During the entirety of his reign, he commanded countless knights to the Wolf Woods to rid him of the Witch. None returned alive.

The Witch is said to have been present at Corwin's destruction and is rumored to still control the Wolf Woods.

(Thanks to Sarah Bear, Sol Foster, and Julia Frizzell at ACN 2001's "The Witch-King of Avalon")

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July 06, 2003

Creatures & Artefacts

Items and creatures are no longer built up from separately costed qualities and powers, but are bought outright, on a sliding scale of costs reflecting the power and utility of the item/creature. When you pay points for an item or a creature, it becomes bound to you as part of your personal “reality”.

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Cantrips (10 points)

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Rituals (15 points)

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Shape-Shifting (30 pts)

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Trump Artistry (30 pts)

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Character Backgrounds

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