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Clear and Present Danger
It is a nice and sunny day in Amber. The sun is shining brightly, and there are a few white clouds in the bright blue sky. Nothing much has happened the last few weeks. It could even be said to be... boring.

And then the summons comes, to appear before his Majesty, King Random, at noon today. You all know this must be something special, for otherwise, Random isn't that formal. So you decide to go and see...

It has been something like 14 years since the Patternfall War, and Random became king, appointed by the Unicorn in the Courts of Chaos. Things started out quietly after the War, but there seems to be something wrong, or perhaps just different, with the Shadows: it seems somehow weaker, and strange creatures appear more often near Amber.

Near Amber, not all is well and quiet. Shrines dedicated to the Unicorn are burnt by some rebel force, the Shadows of the Golden Circle are preparing for war against one another, lobbying for the support of Amber. There number of guards running around the City now is almost as great as during the War. Shipping is at an all-time low. People are getting nervous.

And the family? Benedict has retreated once more, and has not been seen in Amber (at least, not in public) in almost 5 years. Julian guards the Forests, aided at times by his son, Rhion. Gerard has the command over the fleet, and Caine seems to be on some 'secret mission' for the King (rumours of which float around the harbour district). Corwin visits Amber more regularly, these days, after a long absence since the War. Somewhere, he has aquired a strange, demonic steed. Bleys is missing, off on some private pleasure, probably. Llewella is in Rebma, Fiona comes and goes as she wishes (scaring people whilst doing so), and Flora has left for the Courts of Chaos (see below). The others, Oberon, Eric, Brand and Dierdre, stay dead.

In Chaos, King Swayvill has died recently, and has gone on his way into the Pit. Rumour has it that Merlin, son of Corwin, has become his successor, and has been crowned King of Chaos (or however they call it over there). Random is not especially pleased with that, but he has sent Florimel to the Courts as ambassador for Amber, and sent Bill Roth with her as legal council.

This is the stage for a Clear and Present Danger...

120 points max, Pattern or some other way of getting yourself through Shadow is highly recommended, no exalted powers, no Constructs (unless with a VERY good background). The game is centred around the Amber side of the universe, so please take note of it (which means that Chaosians should be double