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Nightshade was a character for the 'Midsommer Nights Dreame' game I played at AmberCon UK in 1999. The game was based on Will Shakespeare's play of the same name, adjusted for the Amber setting, of course. And we accidentally discovered why Benedict is always so morose (or better: we made him that way). What a jolly bunch of fairies we were !

It all was good fun !

Nightshade is one of a type of fairly human-looking Fae. He is about 4'6" tall, and reasonably good-looking
(by human standards). His skin is green, his hair is black, his features (chin, ears, cheekbones) are quite
a bit more pointed than on an average human. When he grins (which he does a lot) his pointy teeth are clearly visible. And his eyes... two pools of blackness. He is mostly dressed in nice, fashionable clothes (which, in Athens, probably means breeches and a nice tunic), in white and green.

He carries bow and arrows, tipped with typical 'Elf-shot', and has a mean sharp knife to stab with.

Nightshade is all for joy and happiness (at another's expense, of course) and is something of a practical
joker. His favorite prey are the humans, and he likes most to sway beautiful maids away from their 'true loves'
(which he despises). He has broken many a heart, and likes it that way.