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You have been locked up in 'The Centre' for all of your lives... for as far as you can remember. And the people here have tested you and asked you questions and made you do things... you have met the other children at times, and though you are treated well, somehow the people seem ill at ease around you... Except for a few, who have only seen from a distance. They always seem to be watching you...

You are always inside the Centre, and have been for a very long time. You have a vague recollection of when you were very young, a time when you lived with other people, who cared for you, but your memories of that time are very vague.

And all your life, you have been tested, watched, you ran simulations of all kinds of situations, and you learned, and learned. And as you grew older, the people around you grew more distant, and somehow more afraid, of you.

Except Simon (whose full name is Dr. Simon Argyle), who is your mentor and most constant companion. He has guided you since the day you arrived, and is both your staunchest supporter and your greatest critic. And, of course, except Miss Doe and Mr. Woods, who watch from afar.

The Centre
A vast complex of rooms, corridors, elevators, stairways, divided in many levels, most of which are below ground level. Most of the time, you are living in but a small part of the complex, which you suspect to be much larger. At times, when they test you, you get to see more of the Centre: more levels, most of them of a boring similarity.

Some of the more significant locations:
The Dome - a giant area, about 800 yards in diameter, filled with 'nature': trees, a small lake, an area of grass, all grown 'wild'... but still cultures. It resembles something you have read about: Biosphere 2, a closed natural environment. This one isn't as varied, and not as closed.
The Laboratory - an area for scientific experiments, both for chemics, physics and biology.
The Simulation Room - the area where most of the simulations you are subjected to, are conducted.
The Library - a number of large rooms, in parts two floors high, filled mostly with books, but there are also some computers and reference CD-ROMS.
Living Quarters - you each have a room of your own, not large, but the only place available to be on your own... even here are camera's.

You have been outside the Centre on a few occasions... short field trips, mostly, and time for more 'simulations'. On those occasions, you were carefully shielded from any 'outsiders'.

Who is who
Dr. Simon Argyle - your most constant mentor and confidante. Friendly, sometimes even he seems disturbed by you.
Dr. Wolverston   - one of the scientists. Calculating and distant.
Dr. Bennet       - another scientist. Pushy and self-centered.
Claire Dunning   - Assistant to Dr. Wolverston. Motherly and submissive.
Dr. Emily Sadler - Psychologist. Suspicious and flirtatious.
Miss Doe and Mr. Woods - the watchers from afar.

Character creation
The characters will all be playing children and youths, aged 7 to 21.

Characters will be built on 50 points with +10 points max for contributions (to be arranged before the 'con), and a +- 5 limit on stuff. Stats can not be bought down below the 'Amber' level (zero points).

As this is not a 'standard' Amber game, most powers are unavailable -- likewise, no Personal Shadows, Allies, or Items.

Available Powers
Precognition (10 points) - the ability to feel or sense things happening before they do. Some of the people with this ability have visions of the things to come, others use cards (Tarot or otherwise) to help them form their feelings. Most just have hunches.
Probability manipulation (10 points) - the ability to influence 'random' events. Games of chance are the prime example, but influencing things like computers, paths of bullets, misfiring guns, or the like also come with the territory. But remember - there has to be a probability to influence.
Cantrips (10 points) - you know a number of small, mostly private, incantations, which you can use to cast brief mini-spells with small, instantaneous effects. Equivalent to Power  Words, with the following exceptions: you can know as many as you like (up to a dozen or so), and you cannot use a Power Word which uses a 'standard' Amber power. Thus, there are:
Psychic Defence
Pain Attack
Light Strobe
Psychic Disrupt
Process Surge
Neural Disrupt
Process Snuff
Weaken Structure
Burst of Psyche
Use the standard ones, or make up your own.
Mimicry (10 points) - the ability to take on the 'normal' (non-magical) skills and / or abilities of a profession.  For example, you could act like a surgeon, a soccer player, a fireman, a fighter pilot, or anything else. You must have either seen and studied someone performing the skills you want to mimic, or have studied them thoroughly in a book or training program. Limit: you can choose a maximum of five separate professions during the scenario.

What I would like to see for each character:
Statistics (Strength, Endurance, Warfare, Psyche)
Info on who your character is (somewhere between 75-150 words is fine.)
What you think others (i.e. other PC's) know about you.
Possibly some 'private' background, something your character tries to keep hidden from others (in 100 words or less.)