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Rafaello di Verona

I originally created Rafe for a PBEM campaign called Thy Kingdom Come, which has since become defunct. Since then, I played him in two AmberCon UK scenarios run by Genevieve Cogman: 'Subtle Violence' and 'The Invisible Worm'.

Rafaello (Rafael or 'Rafe' for short) first appeared in Amber about four years after the end of the Patternfall war, claiming he was looking for King Oberon. When informed that Oberon was gone, brought away to the Courts of Chaos, he buried his head in his arms for a while and was silent. After some time, he recovered and asked to be brought before the one who had become King of Amber.
He has been seen at times in Amber in the following 11 years, never staying very long, and always asking about the state of affairs with the Courts of Chaos. Once, about three years ago, he returned wounded and bleeding from many cuts, almost delirious from his wounds. It took some time to fully recover, but he never told what caused his wounds, or whether he had won or lost.
He seems to like to go into the rowdier places of the town at times, although he tends to disguise himself somewhat. He likes the ladies, wine and food, in no particular order, and he has been known to duel for one or the other at times, at which he seems to be quite adept.
Rafael is a good-looking boy/young man, almost angelic some would say. He has curly short red hair with a tinge of gold in it, and deep blue eyes which are often slightly in shadow. He is slim of build. His mouth often curls in a smile, especially at the ladies. When seen around Amber he is always dressed in the latest fashion of that place, often in a style which was in vogue in the Renaissance in Italy, on the Shadow Earth.
Most of the time he is bright and happy; at times, however he can be moody and morose, and give the impression that he is brooding about something. He is almost always polite and correct in his manners, at least to those he respects. He seems to be very much in control of himself at all times.
Trump Image (possible)
'The card I held in my hand, was of a handsome young man. He stood in an easy fencing pose, his slender blade pointed at the viewer. His other hand held a glass of wine, with which he seemed to give a greeting. His hair was curly, and seemed almost on fire, and his eyes were of a deep blue colour, as if the ocean had frozen over. He was dressed in something like a finely embroidered Renaissance costume, of deep red velvet, covered with golden threads and tiny white pearls. In the background, the outline of some sort of city or castle gate is visible. The border of the card was embellished with red and golden stars, which I knew to be his emblem
Home Shadow
"Two Households, both alike in dignity,
In Fair Verona (where we lay our scene)
From ancient grudge break to new mutiny,
Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean
From forth the fatal loins of these two foes
A pair of star-cross'd lovers take their lives.
whose misadventured piteous overthrows,
doth with their death bury their parents' strife."