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Skafloc was a character I played in AmberWay II, until I dropped out of that game (mostly because I didn't have enough time to play).

Nature (Life Energy)
Skafloc is full of nature's abundant energy, and finds it easy to start on new actions.
The Satyr (Indulgence)
Having started something, Skafloc at times knows no measure, knows not when to stop, and carries on beyond the limit.
The Unicorn (Purity vs. Temptation)
Searching for a place to belong, and to really feel he belongs there, Skafloc on the one hand seeks a kind of pure, certain feeling, but is on the other hand often tempted to 'go with the flow' -- to be disappointed later.
Raised by Julian as his son
Skafloc is a bit of a dreamer, lost in the woods at times, but hunted or maybe cursed by a fate he does not comprehend. He strives for the best, but a dark tinge seems to color all he touches: love goes amiss, places he loves get destroyed.

Skafloc has grown up in the woods surrounding Amber, the grand forest of Arden, and when he grew older, the surrounding shadows. As a youth, he got in to trouble on numerous occasions, as his unformed powers over shadow sometimes led him in to dangerous situations.
3  - Running (long-distance/endurance)
3  - Forest knowledge (woodsmanship)
4  - Swordplay
5  - Sensing Pattern energy
Blood of Amber
Shadow Travel
Sense Trump
Create Trump
0-point power: able to see faery beings

I was born somewhere deep in the forest known as Arden. I grew up, raised only by my mother, who lived alone in the woods. The few people I saw, from nearby villages, made the sign against evil when my mother came near, and called her 'witch' and other names, partly because her looks were ever young. When I grew older, I often asked her the name of my father, but she would not tell. She did tell me of Amber, the place of golden towers I could see in the distance when I climbed the highest trees. She warned me not to go there, for evil lived there.

I took to walking long distances in the woods, climbing trees, swimming in ponds and streams, and getting to know the wildlife. In those days, I started to see the strange creatures in the woods, some almost like animals, others hideous and disfigured. I tried to follow them, and lost my way in the woods. The trees seemed all unfamiliar, and the leaves somehow seemed greener, the sky somehow a deeper shade of blue.

I walked on, and the world kept on growing brighter, more real somehow. Every once in a while, I still saw a flittering shape ahead of me. I knew, or felt, I was totally lost. I walked for a long while, the day flowing into night, a bright moon shining down on me. I was getting more worried, and felt more lost, with every passing minute. Finally, I came to a small cottage, strangely coloured smoke billowing from the chimney. I knocked, and a small, humpbacked man opened the door. "What do you want", he snarled. "Please, sir, I am lost", I said. "Oh well, come in then", he answered, and after a moment, I did. He never told me his name, but I gathered he was something of an artist and an alchemist. Paintings and drawings were scattered around the small dwelling, and alembics, jars and bowls with various substances stood on every available surface.


I never found my way home again, but the strange fellow was happy to keep me around. I tried almost daily at first to walk home, but I never found it again. Damn the faeries and their tricks! The man was most cordial, and he gave me food and shelter in return for some assistance in keeping his cabin clean (a most unwelcome job!). After a while, he let me draw and paint a bit, as well. His own images had a somewhat magical feel about them, very cold, almost like ice, and I was not allowed to touch them overly much. I strove to copy that quality in my own work however, and I seemed to have some talent for that. Finally, he showed me some uses for his 'Trumps' (for that is what he called them): he contacted me through one of his images of me, and held out his hand. I never had been so scared, and ran like hell that first time. I liked it better when we tried to tell each others fortune... which never showed the darkness that lay in waiting for us both. He never told me his name, though.


One day, when I tried to follow the road back to my mother's house, everything seemed strangely altered once more. I finally found an area resembling my former home, but the small cabin I expected, nested between the branches of a huge tree, was replaced by a dark but magnificent keep.

Afraid, but at the same time curious, I entered the place. At first, I thought it deserted, but still, hauntingly familiar. Deep inside the keep, I found a room, almost like a chapel. In the middle, a person
was lying, a woman. My heart skipped a beat when I came nearer, because it was (or looked like) my mother. I touched her, but her skin was cold as ice. I grabbed the flowers by her head, and fled the room and the castle, and never looked back.

After wandering lost in the woods for a long time, I came upon a hunting party, led by a man in white armour. His men grabbed me, and brought me before him. He said his name was Julian, and he was a prince of Amber. "How did you come here", he demanded. I told him I did not know exactly, but he looked strangely at me. "Take him along", he ordered, "I will talk more in camp tonight".

Later, I learned I should not have been able to come there. When I told the prince of my misadventures in the woods, he smiled darkly. "And you do not know your father, you say", he said. I got an uneasy feeling
about him that very moment.

Julian somehow figured out Skafloc might be of the Blood of Amber. Skafloc gained some information about his heritage, and Julian took him to the stones on top of Mount Kolvir one moonlit night, when Skafloc was in his early twenties. He told Skafloc to walk the ghostly stairs to Tir-na-nog'th, and gave him his Trump for backup (and to give advise). Skafloc wandered through the ghostly town, and finally found his way to the cellars, and the Pattern hidden within. Julian had told him the key to his powers lay at the centre. "Follow the lighted path", he cautioned, "and do not stray, for otherwise it will kill you". Skafloc survived, but barely. It was a good thing he had Julian's Trump to get safely down...

He kept well hidden during that era, long before Corwin reappeared, scared by both his mother's tales and the message from Julian: "if my brothers discover you exist, they will kill you". Skafloc believed that for a long time. He kept quiet, living contently in the place called Corilian. This lasted until the Black Road manifested in that place. Skafloc fought and defeated it, but lost all that he loved: his lady, his land, many close comrades. He decided to go looking for the source, and arrived in Amber in the aftermath of the war, when the main expedition was already on their way to Chaos. He demanded to see the King, and was brought before Gerard. Gerard kept him close during the Black Rain, both to keep an eye on Skafloc as to gain his assistance, which is how he survived.