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Wednesday 28 April 2004

We can invest loads of money in computer security -- we erect firewalls and install expensive intruder-detection systems on our networks -- but the weakest link in any system remains the ordinary, well-meaning but hopelessly gullible user:

NY Times: Pssst, Computer Users . . . Want Some Candy? As a species, humans tend to be very good at risk evaluation. We avoid a certain street because it looks and feels dangerous. A car moving too fast causes a fear that is felt as much as it is thought. But technology - or, more to the point, the general lack of knowledge about the most basic workings of a computer network - obscures that ability.
[From Tomalak's Realm]

As Ann Robinson tells us repeatedly 'You are... the weakest link'. Of course she is right.

11:31:30 PM    

D&D: Age 30.

Found a reference to this article on the BBC site: D&D, the grandaddy of all RPGS, turns 30 years old.

Go read the posts attached to the story for lots of warm fuzzies and reminisces, and surprisingly little of the annoying "these people are freaks who have no life" that you get from fans of other, more mainstream, activities of equally questionable value Smile !!.

[From The 20' By 20' Room]

12:36:02 AM    

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