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Monday 03 May 2004

A very good reason to use condoms...

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2:46:40 PM    

Been busy today (well, actually, yesterday) with arranging all kinds of stuff for the SCA. Like agreeing to an event at the beginning of October (yay!), sending out various welcome e-mails (which is always fun), and making sure that the right people know about me being the Seneschal (who is sort of like, but totally unlike, the Boss of the local SCA group) of the Shire of Polderslot. Most important amongst these is my "boss", the Seneschal of the Kingdom of Drachenwald. Who is a very nice person, so I don't mind keeping her happy.

Apart from that, I have been working at the T-shirt design for AmberCon UK 2004. I'm quite pleased with the general design (done totally on computer this year), but I have to put in quite a bit of work tomorrow to hit the deadline (which is also tomorrow). And of course I'm trying to improve on last year's design. Oh, well. More later.

12:56:43 AM    

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