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Wednesday 28 April 2004

D&D: Age 30.

Found a reference to this article on the BBC site: D&D, the grandaddy of all RPGS, turns 30 years old.

Go read the posts attached to the story for lots of warm fuzzies and reminisces, and surprisingly little of the annoying "these people are freaks who have no life" that you get from fans of other, more mainstream, activities of equally questionable value Smile !!.

[From The 20' By 20' Room]

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Friday 20 February 2004


The Computer says that failure to feature this announcement prominently is treason. Treason is punishable by summary execution. Thank you for your cooperation.

After ten years out-of-print, the Paranoia RPG will be back... as Paranoia XP. See the Paranoia XP site for discussion and development.

No description is available at your security clearance. The Computer is Your Friend

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Wednesday 06 August 2003

LIFE: the MMORPG (stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game)

From the FATE RPG mailing list:

> I've heard of that (life), but can't find the rulebook anywhere.
> Maybe I'll try it, if I can find the experience and advancement rules.

Gamespot did a great review of the game!
Click here

9:05:30 AM    

Monday 04 August 2003

AmberCon UK 2003.

A somewhat belated report about my visit to AmberCon UK this year.

To be brief about it: I had fun. The weather was great. And I was quite pleased in how the T-shirt came out.

The longer version:

  • Friday night I played in a game by Genevieve Cogman (who by now is quite an established writer in gaming circles), called Creatures of Light and Darkness. A mix of Victorian horror, Venetian canals, an entertaining group of players, and a great GM.
  • Saturday I GM'ed the Shade and Cool Waters game. Just four players, characters who fitted with the game. I think they all liked it (I did).
  • Saturday night I played in Just "normal" people getting mixed up with some strange events. Two GM's and quite a large group of players, but everything went quite smoothly. Fun!
  • And Sunday I GM'ed Pretenders - the Chaos Slayers. Lighthearted fun, based a bit on Buffy the Vampire Slayer - with an Amber twist, of course. Great fun, great players, not too serious...

I cannot wait 'till next year.

10:35:27 PM    

Friday 06 June 2003

Started a section today devoted to the game of Everway.
2:06:12 PM    

Thursday 30 January 2003

In other news (or rather: in other areas that interest me), some people in the Fudge community (the game system, not the type of candy) have published their take on the rules. It is called FATE.

Very nicely done, and certainly worth a look (that is, if you're interested in pen-and-paper RPG's, and want something a little different from D&D). The attraction to me is that it enables me to run story-based games, without the rules "getting in the way". And, of course, it is free Smile !!.

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Tuesday 29 October 2002

For all you Vampire lovers out there, come visit this dark alleyway.

From Turn of a Friendly Die

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