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Monday 04 August 2003

AmberCon UK 2003.

A somewhat belated report about my visit to AmberCon UK this year.

To be brief about it: I had fun. The weather was great. And I was quite pleased in how the T-shirt came out.

The longer version:

  • Friday night I played in a game by Genevieve Cogman (who by now is quite an established writer in gaming circles), called Creatures of Light and Darkness. A mix of Victorian horror, Venetian canals, an entertaining group of players, and a great GM.
  • Saturday I GM'ed the Shade and Cool Waters game. Just four players, characters who fitted with the game. I think they all liked it (I did).
  • Saturday night I played in Just "normal" people getting mixed up with some strange events. Two GM's and quite a large group of players, but everything went quite smoothly. Fun!
  • And Sunday I GM'ed Pretenders - the Chaos Slayers. Lighthearted fun, based a bit on Buffy the Vampire Slayer - with an Amber twist, of course. Great fun, great players, not too serious...

I cannot wait 'till next year.

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