Sunday 29 September 2002

IBM is taking its first major step in integrating WebSphere and Domino into what the company is calling its next-generation platform, in which Domino takes on a supporting role as collaboration component provider for applications built on WebSphere.
[Network World, 09/16/02]

Is this where IBM is taking Domino? The more I hear about it, the more I tend to think being just proficient in Lotus Domino is not the way to go. And you almost have to know Java nowadays, which is a totally different thing from being able to build Domino forms and views, and writing @Formula language and some LotusScript.

Perhaps moving to .NET is not such a bad idea after all Smile !!

6:23:08 PM    

Stuff to try out: found some Undocumented LotusScript.

Might be usefull... if it works.

9:14:22 AM