Friday 04 October 2002

It seems to me that the world of mail and collaboration software is getting interesting. Of course, last tuesday IBM / Lotus finally delivered the new release of Lotus Domino and Notes, R6.

Microsoft, of course, is also moving ahead:

Microsoft to detail new Exchange, Outlook. The company will announce plans to add new features to the Web-based version of the Outlook e-mail program that will make it as comprehensive as the regular PC version.
CNET, 03/10/02

And a new / old player in the messaging field is also offering some options.

Oracle renews battle with Lotus, Exchange. The company's new Collaboration Suite lets businesses manage e-mail, voice mail and scheduling, as well as hold Web-based meetings and allow employees to sync data.
CNET, 03/10/02

I, for one, would suggest that Oracle stay at what it is good at. That is, creating database software.


8:21:17 AM