Friday 14 March 2003

Been doing a bit of research lately on IBM's WebSphere Portal - Express server (lots of capitals). Part of the reason is that there might be some interest for this at work.

I did more than just look at the marketing blurb, though. For example, IBM is merging its Lotus and portal divisions [march 3 2003, CNet].

And not all portlets mentioned on the IBM website are readily found anymore. I explicitly looked for the integration of Oracle Applications with WebSphere Portal Server (WSPS in short). All announcements and news about that solution are from 2001, and it is (was?) made by SAP Portals, a subsidiary of SAP... which has now been absorbed by the SAP mother company, and its products are nowhere to be found. Which is not all that surprising, as SAP offers the mySAP Enterprise Portal, which competes head-on with IBM WSPS. Oracle has its own offering: Oracle9iAS Portal.

According to research company Jupiter, Oracle has the largest market share (in a highly fragmented market), while IBM and PlumTree Software have the strongest products.

A final comment for now: needs more research Smile !!.

7:51:56 AM