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Sunday 01 September 2002

"If you love somebody, set them free"

An idea from a bit of movie I saw on the telly today (Silent Tongue, 1994):

A dead Native American woman is bound to this world by her body. Her (white) husband / lover does not want to let her go, and keeps her body from the vultures who are supposed to eat the body, and feed it to their young.

There were a few things which made this "click" in my mind, and want to remember it:

  • A picture named awbonnie.jpgmake-up and costume: the body of the woman had white marks across the forehead. Her ghost (see picture) had similar markings, but one half of her face was disfigured. Costume was made up of strips of loose material, somehow held together.
  • Motivation: in her culture, her spirit could only be freed by destroying her body. Her lover / husband, however, had different "mores", and wanted to hold her close. Who is right?

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The Scratchpad: a place to collect those wandering thoughts and loose notes, which get lost most of the time. Hopefully, they will now find a home here.
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