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Everway - Tips on altering a published quest

[Rescued through from the website of Rich Carney]

I prefer a game with intrigue and mystery. I wanted to challenge the players to figure out the proper course of action at Great Mound. I asked myself two questions to set this up.

  1. What would happen if the Keeper did not confess his crime?
  2. What if Great Sun was too ill to confront the Keeper?

These questions suddenly transformed the Great Mound from a community trying to cope with tragedy to a hot bed of intrigue. In defiance of cultural law, Great Sun's apprentice cast the Ritual of Summoning and drew the players through the Gate. This led to a story line where the Heroes had to decide who was acting in the best interest of the community- and in their own. The players had to choose between believing the central religious figure of Great Mound society or the allies of a rebellious teen that derailed their own Quest.

(this part had been finalized… the rest was an "if space allowed" section.)

From there, I developed the background.

Great Sun and The Keeper are the top two religious figures in The Great Mound. With Great Sun unconscious from the illness, The Keeper had become the defacto leader. He was doing little to stop the disease. He believed only those with blind faith in Great Sun would actually die of the disease.

From this conclusion, I decided that the Keeper was in the thrall of the mysterious Wizards to the North.

This idea led to the Keeper trying to convince the Heroes to travel to High Pole and extinguish the Sacred Fire there. In contrast, the teenagers of Great Mound- lead by Sees Far- asked the group to travel to High Pole in an effort to seek aid.

This alteration of background could also lead to the Heroes having a hand in the destruction of two societies. The choice is a difficult one, and they won’t know if it was correct until the very end. Resolving the mystery of the illness and deciding which was the proper course to follow made for many tense moments and philosophical questioning.

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